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Wolverine (2013) - Movie Mistakes, Goofs and Bloopers [photos]

1. Logan loses his healing powers, is shot several times, bleeds and is left with wounds that take time to heal. However, he extends his claws through the skin between his knuckles multiple times, and this leaves no blood or wounds of any kind.

2. Logan is shot in the back with many arrows as he tries to make his way to rescue Mariko. After he is captured and taken to Viper, we see the back of his t-shirt and there is not a single hole in it. [photos]

3. When Logan and Mariko spend the night at the Nagasaki house, it is pouring rain most of the night. The next morning when Logan exits the house to find Mariko (and subsequently chase after her kidnappers), the ground is completely dry, not even a puddle is seen. [photos]

4. When Viper is walking into Shingen's office she is taking off her glove as she is entering, camera pans to Shingen, then back to her and she is taking off her glove again. [photos]

5. When Wolverine and Yukio came to Noburo place, in the car Yukio cries and her eyes are wet. In the second after that, her eyes are dry.

6. The private jet that Wolverine boards in Alaska is different than the jet shown mid-air on the way to Tokyo. Just count the number of the windows. [photos]

7. The ground zero for the nuclear bomb explosion in Nagasaki is shown to be on the western coast of Nagasaki Bay. The actual ground zero was further north, up the stream of Nakajima River, on the eastern (left) bank. [photo]

8. Logan and Mariko catch a shinkansen (bullet train) from Ueno Station and head South West towards Nagasaki. This is not possible, shinkansen departing from Ueno only travel North.

9. The plane drops the atomic bomb on Nagasaki from a low altitude. In fact it was flying at 30 000 feet (9100 metres) and would not have been visible in this way above the city. [photo]

10. When Logan is pulling the X-ray machine up his body, an X-ray of his legs is shown. In this X-ray, he has no knee-caps. [photo]

11. During a scene where Logan and Mariko are seeking shelter from the rain, the camera pans from right to left and the rain moves in line with the view.

12. Dead man disappearing. No comment.

13. At the end of the movie when Logan and Mariko are on the tarmac, Yukio is seen in the background of the wide shots. Someone walks over to her and hands her a black portfolio. The shot closes to a close up of Logan and Mariko. When the shot widens the portfolio is gone.

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